Propane Safety: Commercial Safety

Propane Safety Rules

  • Propane must be kept away from open flames and ignition sources
  • Container refilling should only be done by a qualified technician


  • Familiarize yourself with the location of your storage tank's vapor service shutoff valve
  • Leave installation or repair of appliances or equipment to a qualified technician
  • If you suspect a leak, call Van Dyke Gas Co. immediately for proper testing


  • Tamper with your system's supply lines or appliances
  • Tamper with any safety devices, regulators or storage tank fittings
  • Test for a propane leak using an open flame

If a Propane Leak Occurs:

If there is a propane leak, propane will always gather at the lowest point since propane vapor is heavier than air.


  • Shut off the storage tank's service valve
  • Eliminate all possible outside sources of ignition
  • EXIT the building immediately and call 911 from a safe location (e.i. building across the street)
  • After calling 911, call Van Dyke Gas Co.


  • Turn on any light switches or use a cell phone or any other electrically operated communications device
  • Test for a leak yourself


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